The American Civil War Essay

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The American Civil War was an inevitable conflict that was destined to take place between the Northern and Southern States. Many historians argued about the reasons that fueled the war between both States. Some historians argued, the war was fought, because both States, the North and South, had major conflicts that resulted in the division of their economy, politics and ideals towards slavery. Others argued that slavery was the root of every conflict that sparked the war, and the war from the moment it took off until the very end was about ending slavery. There were several attempts taken to try and settle the differences between both states without resulting in war; however, the tension between the North and South was too severe that the attempts ended in failure. There were several distinct figures that played a major role in the abolishing of slavery. The most important figures were: the abolitionist, Abraham Lincoln, and the African Americans.
During the half of the nineteenth century, the Northern and the Southern experienced a tremendous economic stability and growth that differed in both States. Economic stability and growth in the South depended on labor plantations. Slavery was a necessity for the South labor force, because slaves were needed to grow and harvest different plantation crops such as cotton. The larger plantations grew; the larger number of slaves were required to run them. The Southern States believed that their economy cannot grow without the labor…

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