The Altar Of Ida Wells, Civil Activist, And Journalist Essay

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Darlene Maciel

Women Studies

This altar is dedicated to Ida Barnett Wells, Civil Activist, and Journalist


Ida Barnett Wells was courage’s women who fought for what she believed in; her beliefs were strong and powerful. Her background shaped who she was and had become. Wells was the daughter of James and Lizze Wells, slaves who were living in Mississippi, whom which were freed a couple months after Ida was born. Even though they were freed salves, they still encountered injustice rules and were still restricted from rules and practices that the states were used to. Her family was active Republicans during the Reconstruction. Her father was a very educated man who managed to start Rust College, which was a university for the salves, whom had been freed. Her father had the privilege of getting an education regards his class and race, Ida, was also privilege in that fact that even if she had to drop out of school because both her parents had passed away, she was able to continue school later on in her life (A&E Television Networks, 2014. Web. 02 Nov. 2014).
Wells, was moved the actions that were happening in her life daily. One even that was when Ida faced a very injustice ride on a train from Memphis to Nashville where they told her she had to move to the car that was meant for African Americans, but as the bold and straightforward women, decided to bit the man on the hand; sued the railroad and ended up winning the case. She was a women of words and…

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