Essay on The Allegory Of The Sun

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The allegory of the sun is an important metaphor in the Republic of Plato because it helps the reader comprehend how philosophers understand the Form of the Good, which therefore allows for an understanding of justice.
Plato uses the metaphor of the sun to compare the role of the philosophers with a concrete image. By comparing the philosopher king to the sun he is demonstrating how much power and knowledge the philosophers obtain through their intense and lengthy education. The sun is the source of all power and light and gives existence to life. The philosophers are responsible for governing the city and this is only possible because of the knowledge and training they possess. The analogy of the sun refers to the understanding of the truth and how once things are made visible they are perceived differently. When describing the soul Socrates states that, “when it fixes itself on that which is illuminated by truth…[it] appears to possess intelligence” (508d). When the soul is illuminated it is able to think and do good and it allows the philosophers to see and know. “When one turn on these things illuminated by the sun, they see clearly” (508d). The philosophers are able to fully understand life because they are permitted to know more than ordinary citizens. They see situations differently because they have access to more knowledge. The philosophers understand the truth and can rule the city accordingly. Philosophers see things clearly which allows the to…

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