The Aging Population And How Obesity Affects Them Essay

1606 Words Dec 13th, 2016 7 Pages
I am focusing on an aging population and how obesity affects them in particular because of their age. I decided to choose this topic because obesity runs in my family. Many of my family members lack the knowledge of knowing the long term effects associated with it. Being that it runs in my family, I constantly have to make sure I do not eat in complete excess because my future may not be as bright if I develop any of the long term illnesses associated with obesity. According to theAmerican Journal of Clinical Nutrition, obesity is defined as the unhealthy excess of body fat. Often, obesity is confused with being overweight, but the difference between the two is that to be considered obese, your body mass index needs to be higher than 30. To be considered overweight, your body mass index needs to be between 25-29.9. Obesity is a problem for an array of reasons. Obesity is a highly discussed topic whether it is in the media, public, the medical field, and so forth, but even with all the attention, Obesity in past four decades within the United States has further doubled. There are multiple reasons why obesity rates in the U.S has tripled. Whether it is because of someone’s lack of exercise or lack of healthy eating to exaggerative sizing for food options such as “super sizing”. There are many studies, articles, books, etc written that exclaim the benefits of maintaining a healthy weight and active lifestyle, but many still continue to overeat their food portions and lack…

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