The Age Old Question : Can Money Buy People Happiness Essay

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The age old question: can money buy people happiness in life? People want and need both happiness and money. There are many opinions, and different perspectives on this topic although it comes down to one thing. The key to a satisfying life is finding a decent middle ground between making an income and making yourself happy. That will get somebody the most out of his or her life.
What is happiness in our lives? John Thomas author of Health and Happiness defines happiness as “being content or satisfied.” “It has depth to it, and accommodates a meaningful life.” “It also acknowledges a full range of emotions, which means that disappointment and pain are inevitably part of life” (Thomas). Things such as faith, love, relationships, goals, and meaningful work lead a person to happiness. So what is wealth defined as? The meaning has changed many times over the years, and it can mean different things depending on one’s lifestyle and where one lives and works. According to Dingles, the author of The True Meaning of Wealth, while taking a poll he asked people what defined wealth. “57% said income, 29% viewed education, and 23% responded one’s profession. But 84% selected that wealth equals net worth”. “In other words what a person owns, minus what they owe”. Showing that wealth means something different to everyone. In a survey, Tuttle’s proved this in his study that showed that, “4 in 10 Americans with assets of $5 million or more think they’re not truly rich”.
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