The Age Of The Middle Aged White Man Essay

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Many romanticize the 1950’s as a simpler time of life, looking back it is easy to discover that is not the case. The 50’s were a time of the middle-aged white man. A woman’s greatest aspect in life was to assume the position of a homemaker, mother and role model for her children. In the words of philosopher Denise Riley, it is “vital to acknowledge women’s diversity rather than define the category ‘women’ by biological characteristics of sex.” (CITE) Even today people associate “women” with the words feminine, delicate, or dainty.

The 1950’s society believed women to be less competent than men and were unable to live a normal life without a husband. It was expected that women were to have no individuality, in which their greatest goal in life was to marry, stay at home and plan on taking care of their families. Marriage was pushed from a young age to be a girl’s one true aspiration. Society created an image of the perfect housewife, who followed her husband’s wishes. While many women were happy being mothers and caring for their home, there were many women who did not match the stereotype.
It was difficult for men to deny the fact that women were an essential contribution to society. University professor Maureen Honey evaluates the movement of the working-class woman during WWII. She states that “Women were hired to fill positions normally occupied by men, higher paid but required ‘masculine’ abilities and attitudes (1).” Once the soldiers had left for the Second World War,…

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