Essay about The Age Of Adolescent Girls

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Everyone goes through puberty, but everyone goes through it at different times. Puberty is the time where an adolescent goes through physical changes that bring them to sexual maturity (Hockenbury & Hockenbury, 2014). Most adolescent girls have their first menstrual period at around the age of 12 ½. Breast development begins around the age of 10, and a growth spurt occurs at 12. However, many girls go through puberty at a younger age. Many factors contribute to puberty coming at an earlier age. For example, the time a female’s mother experienced menarche when she was an adolescent is usually the same time the daughter will experience it (Hockenbury & Hockenbury, 2014). Sustenance, well-being, amount of physically demanding activity, weight, and absence of the father in the home life all influence puberty to begin at an earlier age. To me, the lack of a father in the home life causing earlier puberty is very peculiar. The text says it may be the cause of stress, but if a girl has never had a father in her life, how would she distinguish a difference? Maybe the young girl’s mother has a lot of stress because of being a single mom, and the young girl picks up on it. Or perhaps there is stress involved in knowing that your father wants nothing to do with you, or the girl’s friends all have fathers and she feels different and left out. Whatever the reason, it has been found that the absence of a father contributes to earlier sexual maturity.
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