The African Lion Or Scientifically Named Panthera Leo Essay

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Common Name: The African lion mainly gives the most common name used to identify the social animal. African lions are very cautious towards each other, prey, and how to live. Taking chances requires strength and mobility for their survival needs. Groups only enhance more of a chance to survive, especially when helping each other out.
Scientific Name: The African lion or scientifically named Panthera leo, can be described one of the most achievable predators in the world. Due to large sizes in body shape and groups their ability to prey on other animals remains very high. Predation requires a huge amount of work in order to be successful. Being able to prey on animals, whether in groups or not stands as an important part of every lion’s life, no matter the age, gender, or size.
Classification: Just like any other animal, the African lion has specific classifications because of the species. For example, the main classifications of an African lion results in Kingdom Animalia, Phylum Chordata, Class Mammalia, Order Carnivora, Family Felidae, Genus Panthera, and Species leo. In fact, sub classifications can be included throughout the main classifications. Subphylum Vertebrata, Subclass Theria, Suborder Feliformia, and Subfamily Pantherinae can be concluded as subclasses for the African lion (Myers et al. 2016).
Description: African lions can have related physical features to other big cats, but differences are noticed easily between the different species. Female African lions…

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