The Adventures Of Tom Sawyer Essay

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Before writing The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, Samuel Langhorne Clemens took on several different careers. He started working at the age of twelve as a store clerk to earn money for his family after his father died. He moved on to different small jobs such as a delivery boy, an apprentice to the town’s blacksmith, and later a compositor with local printers and newspapers
(“Twain, Mark”). Clemens was forced to leave school to go work at the Missouri Courier as a printer’s apprentice. Next, he discovered his avid passion for writing while working at the
Hannibal Journal. Beginning in 1853, he set out as a journeyman printer to St. Louis, New York, and Philadelphia. He roamed the country in this way before getting his first paying job as a writer at his brother, Orion’s, printing shop in Keokuk, Iowa (Ward, Duncan 12-14). He wandered for eight years until settling in Nevada. After his writing brought conflict with some local authorities, he escaped to California and adopted the pen name, Mark Twain, which is a measure of depth in steamboat navigation. For the next nine years, he was contracted by different companies to be a traveling correspondent and a reporter. In 1870, he married Olivia Langdon and moved to Hartford, Connecticut, where his three daughters were born (“Twain, Mark”). He went on to various jobs on an assortment of steamboats, including being a pilot (“Mark Twain
Biography”). These experiences prepared him to write a classic novel that would attract young and old…

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