Essay about The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn By Mark Twain

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In the novel The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, by Mark Twain, the main character Huck is drifting down the Mississippi River on a makeshift raft with a runaway slave named Jim. Huck ran away from his abusive, alcoholic father while Jim fled because he heard rumors of him being sold off to be someone else’s property. These two characters find the raft to be a haven, but they are not autonomous on it. They are affected by society and the world around them. Huck and Jim are not autonomous on their raft while drifting down the Mississippi River because Huck and Jim are influenced by luck, Huck and Jim are constantly questioning their decisions based on previous advice given to them, and Huck experiences multiple moral crises in which he refers to society’s opinion to come to a conclusion. Huck and Jim are not autonomous on their raft because they are constantly influenced by luck. Jim is almost an expert on signs of luck and tells Huck whenever there is a sign of good luck or bad luck. When Huck and Jim first met and were living on Jackson Island, Huck finds a rattlesnake, kills it, and puts it in Jim’s blanket to scare him. Little did Huck know, the rattlesnake’s mate comes by and curls up next to the deceased rattlesnake. When Jim goes to lie down, the snake bites him. After medicating Jim’s foot by eating part of the snake and wearing the rattles on his wrist, Jim says, “ he reckoned I would believe him next time. And he said that handling a…

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