The Adventures Of Huckleberry Finn By Mark Twain Essay

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Imagine yourself floating down the river enjoying the company of a good true friend. Just about the time you think you’ve finally gotten free of all the cares in the world you run into a pair of dirty scoundrels. This is just part of what is going to happen with young Huck and his best buddy Jim. In the Adventures of Huckleberry Finn we see and hear about the adventures of a orphan boy named Huck. Huck is trying to steer clear of his crazy Aunt who wants to civilize his wild ways. He decides his best bet is to run away from his home. On his way out of town he runs into none other than his Aunts slave, Jim, who is trying to escape his own fate. This is only the beginning of all of the adventures that Jim and Huck are going to have together. Learning to become men, learning who to trust, and learning when to cut your losses and run are all involved in this fun story. In this crazy adventure Huck and Jim fall into company with a pair of con artists who bear a striking resemblance to the direction that Huck is headed for.
Days into their adventure and miles away from Aunt Polly Huck runs into these two swarmy con-artists who are running from a lifestyle just like Huck is running from Aunt Polly. As Huck learns about these fellows and their misadventures he starts to recognize that they are exactly what he does not want to end up like. . Huck learns a lot of his bad attributes from these men and grows to become a better person.

We first meet the Duke and Dauphin, two con-men, in…

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