The Administrative Leader Of The Erp Implementation Process Essay

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The project manager acts as the administrative leader of the ERP implementation process. The project manager thus acts to guide the organization through the implementation process in addition to ensuring that each task is assigned to the right individual and that the tasks are timely, feasible, and with the correct detail level. The project manager is responsible to breaking any communication barriers that may arise thereof to avert resistance from end-users. Other key stakeholders are the CFO and the chief accountant who take the initiative to lead the investment decision and the accounting software system. These stakeholders perform the role of educating other stakeholders about the ERP software.
The system manager and CIO is another important stakeholder whose role is to connect the users to the ERP implementation software system and thus evaluate the deployment alternatives although the selection committee and the project manager are tasked with running the implementation process. Conversely, the sales and marketing manager defines how the organization should connect with its prospective and existing clients. The other stakeholders are the system users who need the process business transactions and should also track business processes to ensure that they are completed on time. Their work translates into business process management requirements to ensure that they do not exhibit resistance to the new system.
The Importance of Involving Users in the Implementation Process…

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