Actinia Tenebrosa Essay

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On the 9th our Biology class went on a trip to Sirens Rock Wellington to investigate the organisms living at the rocky shore and their relationships with each other our task was to display information on the relationships between two species we discovered at the Rocky Shore we then use this information to form a report and explain the species and their relationship with one another, but before this we need to understand the definition of zonation; zonation is the distribution of species into invisible bands or zones along a changing gradient of environmental factors. The two species I chose are The Actinia Tenebrosa, more commonly known as the Red Waratah Anemone and The Pleurobranchaea Maculata, more commonly known as The Grey Side-gilled Sea Slug.
Actinia Tenebrosa
Species One:
Scientific Name: Actinia Tenebrosa
Common Name: Red Waratah Anemone
The Actinia Tenebrosa, more commonly known as the Red Waratah Anemone has a jelly like deep red outer base, which holds in its Red Tentacles. The Red Tentacles suck in and swallow water using their mouth cavity whilst the tide is in to
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Actinia Tenebrosa are second order carnivores which are a main food source to the Pleurobranchaea Maculata more commonly known as the Grey Side-gilled Sea Slug. This is a Interspecific Biotic Factor as it is between the Sea Slug and the Anemone which are members of different species. Actinia Tenebrosa eat mostly Plankton and shrimp they do this by capturing prey. They wait for their prey to come past and use their sticky tentacles to capture their victim then the Actinia stings the prey to paralyses it to stop it getting away then pulls it into the Actinia’s mouth with their red sticky

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