The Achievements Of Hatshepsut, A Pharaoh Of Egypt

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Theirs a woman named Hatshepsut she’s not just an ordinary woman, but a Pharaoh of Egypt. She has ruled all of twenty-one years and the third women to become Pharaoh in thirty centuries. She took this reign of power because, her stepson Thutmose III had been so young at the time he had no experience. Although Hatshepsut is a woman ruler, she showed empowerment of women and that they can rule for twenty-one plus years without a husband. Hatshepsut is known for her famous temple, the Temple of Deir el-Bahri. Knowing how people felt about queens ruling as kings she took that chance and brought her people far. Gender non-conformity, Hatshepsut crossed many boundaries such as: switching from Queen to Pharaoh and, as well as changing her looks to fit her role as Pharaoh. Hatshepsut herself has many achievements one of such as ruling with no man and being an …show more content…
Hatshepsut had many accomplishments, mostly she is known for the Temple of Deir el-Bahri. The temple is located on a sharp half-circle which is on the cliffs on the west bank of the Nile River. It guards the entrance to the Valley of Kings (Hirst, 2016). When Hatshepsut started building monuments she stayed more along the Nile river shoreline and her capital at Thebes. Even though Hatshepsut opened trade up again when she received lavish gifts she would give them to her patron god Aumn. It is said that Hatshepsut had introduced royal tombs to the Valley of Kings but there are opinions also that her father had introduced them (Eaton, 2015). Hatshepsut had a mortuary temple known as Djeser Djeseru, which means holy of holies, this temple is arranged within the west bank of the Nile across from Luxor it is also said to be one of the most glorious temples ever built (Brown, 2009). During her reign as Pharaoh, she reestablished trade contracts, Egypt received timber, turquoise and wealth of luxuries (Brown,

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