Christopher Columbus: A Great And Heroic Man

When you hear the name Christopher Columbus you think of the man who discovered “The New Land”, which we now know as America, but is that all he’s done? The great explorer has had many other discoveries for us and done. He has done way more in his lifetime than any of us would ever think to do in ours. With that being said he’s a great man at sea, he’s been on four voyages, and during one of those voyages was the discovery of The New World. Most people would say he is a great and heroic man, but, is everything he’s done to get all these accomplishments what a great and heroic man would do?

Christopher Columbus was born in Genoa, which is now located in Italy, in 1451. He was born into a poor family with his father, Domenico Colombo, his mother,
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On September 8, 1492 was the start of the first voyage. He set sail on the Santa Maria to find the Indies, two other ships accompanied him, which were the Nina and the Pinta. There were 104 men total. About 5 weeks in many of the crew members died because of different illnesses and hunger. Land was spotted by one of the Pinta’s crew members. Columbus names this island San Salvador thinking it was Asain land, (which is now the Bahamas). Columbus thought that it could have been a passageway to India and China. He continues to search for China, but he ended up in Hispaniola and Cuba. His ship crashed as he arrived, but, because of that he had created his first Spanish settlement in the New World. After that he heads back to Spain. On September 25, 1493, the second voyage starts, this time with 17 ships and around 1200 men. Columbus starts to explore Jamaica but when he was there he ran into some fierce Indians. Next he made a Spanish settlement in Hadi where they found gold, and they returned to Spain. On May 30, 1498, he takes off with six boats. In July, he lands on Cape Verde Islands which is near Trinidad, and he crosses over the land and finds pearls. He had finally reached the tip of South America. Columbus had spread the word that the settlements were having problems, and a group of Spanish men came to investigate what was going on, but Columbus and his brothers considered themselves rulers of the land they found. They ordered the men who came to investigate to imprisonment, where they were held in sharp irons and they were sent home in chains. Columbus went back to Spain with bad health. A few years later in 1502 he sets out on his final voyage, with four ships. He reaches Hispaniola, then about a half of a year later he makes it to Central America, then to Panama where he finds some gold. He was forced to leave there by local people. He returned to Spain in 1504 with ship and crew member problems. He had

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