The Accounting Software Installation Project Case Study Essay

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Accounting Software Installation Project started four months ago and is managed by Karin Chung. Karin thought she had everything planned before the project started. Each company division had trained and informed task force members and six the contractors involved in the project contributed to the work breakdown structure, cost, timeframes and specifications of the project. Karin got all the important role players together at the beginning of the project and conducted a one day partnering workshop where all the major accounting heads of the different divisions, one member of each task group and key persons from each contractor were invited. The main purpose of the workshop was to improve team building amongst
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c. Responsibility

Responsibilities of project managers include providing leadership in creating , implementing and improving the work, co-ordinate and integrate activities of teams and involving the project team as well as gain commitment from all the different role players. During the four months of the project Karen did not take up her responsibilities as the project manager for example:

She did not provide any leadership when she started getting complaints. She actually told the task member to settle the problem with the contractor himself. Karin overheard contractors badmouthing others but still she did not take up her responsibility to investigate any complaints, although these problems are typical of the kind of smaller projects she worked on before.

One consultant mentioned that it is impossible to tell who is in charge, which indicated that coordination of activities between the different company divisions and contractors were not in place.

There was no involvement from Karin to get the project team together to discussed and assess the problems that occurred. One consultant stated that their group met separately on small problems, but no meetings were scheduled with all role players involved to discuss the problems.

In this case all these competencies of responsibilities are non-existent from the project manager.

d. Active listening
The entire team involved in the project did not show any skills of active listening or

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