The Abuse Of Pathos : The University Of Virginia Essay

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The Abuse of Pathos
The University of Virginia (UVA) does not have a glamorous track record in terms of campus safety. From the murder of Yeardley Love to repeated kidnappings, it is evident that UVA is not the pinnacle of safety, and it was unsurprising to many when an article published in late 2014 detailed yet another gruesome attack. Rolling Stone’s ‘A Rape on Campus’ depicts the gang rape and abuse of a drunken freshman at one of UVA’s many block parties. The author and maker of this article, Sabrina Erdely, found a problem which pervades the United States and nationalized it; however, she abused her power as the maker and produced an article that is primarily fictitious. Applied here, duckspeak applauds this article for its attempt at making a difference, but from the other side the article defames and offends without any regard for the truth. In the end, Erdely’s article does not seek to inform about the situation at UVA but rather discredit the institution and slander its name.
“It 's because at UVA, rapes are kept quiet, both by students – who brush off sexual assaults as regrettable but inevitable casualties of their cherished party culture – and by an administration that critics say is less concerned with protecting students than it is with protecting its own reputation from scandal” (Erdely, 11).

Without a doubt, Erdely wrote about a topic with true significance, and one that many people are too tentative to even approach. Reading the fifty-page article (which…

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