The 2010 Haiti Earthquake

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We've always known the horrific damage earthquakes can cause. The 1906 earthquake in San Francisco is famously known for destroying much of the city and causing the death of many people. Similarly and more recently the 2010 Haiti Earthquake was a reminder of the awe-inspiring damage natural disasters like earthquakes can do. The 2010 Haiti Earthquake is also an excellent reminder of what kind of harm earthquakes can do if the community effect is ill prepared. This may be a very important reminder to many Americans in states typically not known for earthquakes. While California is widely known for earthquakes, a common occurrence there states like South Carolina, Illinois, and Missouri is not generally thought of when discussing earthquakes. …show more content…
On Thursday, July 17, 2014, The United States Geological Survey updated the U.S National Seismic Hazard Maps which reflect the most current scientific views on where future earthquakes will occur, how often they will occur, and how hard the ground will shake. (CITE) Since 2008 which is when the map was last updated the general pattern of earthquakes had not changed significantly, however many details have changed. The maps were made from data collected over several years along with improved computational modeling done at the University of California, Berkeley, and GPS data. This is the first time GPS Data has been used in creating this kind of map by the The United States Geological Survey

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