The 1984, The Prole Woman Essay

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A dim light finally breaks through the never-ending darkness of the surroundings. Slowly the feeble illumination begins to increase, and the claustrophobic surroundings become much more inviting. Right as the light reaches its apex, however, it suddenly extinguishes, as though it were never there. This light is an excellent allegory for the symbolic use of the prole woman in 1984. Throughout 1984, the Prole Woman, whom Winston and Julia view outside of the antique shop, represents hope with her happiness and joy in her difficult and challenging life, freedom with her beautiful singing, that by the standards of her society is suspicious and dangerous, and finally, with her disappearance, absolute and utter despair.
With her singing, which is something unusual and seen as dangerous to the Party members, the prole woman represents freedom. After hearing the coarse yet melodious singing of the prole woman, Winston comments that “It struck him as a curious fact that he had never heard a member of the Party singing alone and spontaneously. It would even have seemed slightly unorthodox, a dangerous eccentricity, like talking to oneself” (Orwell 118). The act of humming a tune to oneself, while commonplace in our society, is seen as dangerous in the dystopian nightmare that is the world of 1984, especially for Party members. Proles, however, are not members of the Party, they are ignored by the government, allowed to live their lives more freely than any members of the supposed…

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