Thailand Festival Essay

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Festivals and events are increasing significantly in all size in various industries in recent decades. Festival has become the fastest growing segments of the tourism industry now (Milohnic, Lesic & Slamar, 2016). It is ranging from mega event to hallmark event, to meet the tourist and industry demand. The research of festival motivation has actually started in the earlier 1990’s. The studies mostly included answering questions such as, ‘why people attend festivals’ and ‘how they make their choices and decisions’ (Getz, 2007). Every festival is unique with the different theme, design, program, setting and people. This report will be focused on one’s motivation to attend Thailand Festivals. Since temple festivals are rather common in Asian countries, …show more content…
One of the common elements of eastern cultural events is historical links with their countries cultures and religions (Mackellar, 2013). Songkran Festival is celebrated on 13th April until 15th April each year. The word Songkran meant to pass and move into and water is a symbol of cleansing for Thai people. During this time, the streets of Thailand are filled up with locals and tourists to have a water splashing parade to give a blessing to each other. Additionally, Buddha statues and images will be cleaned with water to bring prosperity to the following year. Likewise, the Thailand Tenth Month Merit-Making Festival is an annual event that held in the South of Thailand (Milohnic, Lesic, & Slamar, 2016). This festival is to honour the spirits of the local people’s deceased ancestor and Buddhist monks. People will be gathered around the temple in the early morning to witness the ceremony of offering dried food and essentials to the monks and also to put ‘Duan Sib’ snacks, snacks that represent different meaning and symbol, to their own dead ancestors at the temple. As they believe that some of the spirits of their ancestors are still suffering in the underworld, and they will be released from the underworld during the 10th lunar month. It attracts crowds of locals and visitors, because of there will be unusual religious rituals performances after the ceremony. Moreover, Tenth Month Merit-Making Festival which is also called as “nine-day Vegetarian Festival” by Thai Chinese, in the manner of Thai Chinese Buddhists to eat a strict vegetarian diet for nine

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