Texas Customer Vs. California Essay

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Texas Customer vs. California based Widget Co. Widget Corporation, based in California, and the company President are being sued for damages caused by the installation of their product in Texas by a local handyman hired by
Widget Co. Even though the Widget was incorporated in Delaware, California is considered the headquarters because business is conducted from that location. Civil law can generally be divided into two categories: substantive and procedural. Substantive law can be explained as the law of the land or local law. Procedural laws are involve the actual manner of how a lawsuit is administered by a court. These details around the laws can vary by state as in the Widget case which involves California, Texas and at a much less significant importance, Delaware. Most lawsuits are handled in state courts but the Widget company suit will be heard in federal court because the parties involved in the lawsuit are from different states and the amount exceeds $75,000. The second instance a case can be heard in federal court is if the case primarily involves an issue of federal jurisdiction, rather than state jurisdiction. Noting that Texas has jurisdiction over the lawsuit it raises both procedural and substantive questions. Based upon federal diversity jurisdiction,the court would be able to apply Texas choice-of-law rules. Choice of law is a procedural stage in the litigation of a case involving the conflict of laws when it is necessary to…

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