Testing Of The First Atomic Bomb Essay examples

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The documentary starts off with the testing of the first Atomic Bomb in Los Alamos, New Mexico on July 14th, 1945. The weapon was originally intended for use against the Germans but since there surrender in early June the bomb has been reassigned for use against Japan as a way to avoided island hopping a full-scale invasion. The bomb was a part of the famous Manhattan project and cost 3 years and 2 million dollars to build. At the test in Los Alamos, it vaporized the tower it was dropped from, and turn the sand into the glass as the equivalent of 67 pounds of TNT exploded with very intense heat. The test became a success and was ready to be used in the war against japan. “I have become death destroyer of worlds,” Robert Oppenheimer said this when he saw the test results from Los Alamos and saw its destruction potential it could have on those that come in contact with it. President Truman and the other Allies get together to write the demand for japans surrender so no one else would have to die. These were given before but this documentary focused on the new revision of demands for Japanese from the Potsdam conference which states “the unconditional surrender of all armed forces of japan” this made it so the integrity of the emperor could be saved in the end. One of the last living people in this room testified to the debate about this. His name was George Elsey and witness the meeting where they write the demands and the meeting to discuss the non-response from japan.…

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