Essay on Terrorism And Its Effects On Society

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Extremism can exist in many different forms and can be found anywhere in the world; the most infamous types of extremism include those of religion and genocides. There are many accounts throughout history of people giving away there most treasured values to churches, religious groups and religious projects. Sometimes their beliefs can be extreme enough to give away thousands of dollars. In the 1990s a man named Gerald Payne, made victims of over 18000 people ( He told them that he could double their donations through, "Divinely inspired investments"; followers would send in their hard earned money in hopes to receive good tidings with God. His company, Greater Ministries International, created a Ponzi scheme which invoked a scripture to bilk people out of money ( Although this was an outrageous thing to do, religious extremism comes in worse forms than this. Two women, Shannon Lowney and Lee Ann Nichols, who were receptionists at a Planned Parenthood clinic in Brookline, Massachusetts; were shot and killed by a man named, John C. Salvi in 1994( Salvi was a member of the Army of God, which is a well known Christian terrorist organization that uses violent protesting against abortion. His beliefs were so strong and extreme, that it lead him to shoot up the clinic, killing the two women and wounding several others. When the organization was confronted about the shooting, they replied that, "Salvi was a Christian…

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