Essay on Tennessee And Alabama Selection Of Judges

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The following essay is how Tennessee and Alabama selection of judges and the dismissal of judges is compared and contrast after researching here`s my findings:
The Tennessee Judicial selection Commission consists of three Members nominated by the Tennessee Trial Lawyers Association, three members nominated by the Tennessee Criminal Defense Lawyers Association, three members nominated by the Tennessee Bar Association, five lawyer members that are not criminal or personal injury attorneys, three members nominated by the Tennessee District Attorney 's Conference and three non-lawyer members. The three non-governmental nominating organizations must have a representative for Eastern, Middle, and Western Tennessee. (Judicial Selection Commission , n.d.)
The Tennessee judiciary is composed of three appellate courts--the supreme court, court of appeals, and court of criminal appeals; four trial courts of general jurisdiction--the chancery court, circuit court, probate court, and criminal court; and three courts of limited jurisdiction--the juvenile court, general sessions court, and municipal court. Each of the appellate courts has the same minimum requirements of being the minimum age of 30,except the supreme court where the age is 35; state resident of 5 years and district resident for 1 year. Each of the trial courts has the same mimimum requirements as the court of appeals and the court of criminal appeals with the limited jurisdiction courts having the same requirements.…

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