Essay about Television 's Influence On The American Culture

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Television really made a difference in the American culture. A television is a type of device that you can see shows and different type of things. Can you imagine yourself without tv. Can you live in the 1800’s where there is no television, no type of devices. Life would be hard. Thank to the person who invented television. Without him our life would be boring.

Around 1930 television has become a common household communication devices in homes, schools, and more. In the united state at end of World war II television became an important part of the american life during the first postwar decade. Not a lot of people had television around the 1950. Each program or new example like CBs and NBC only was 15 mins long until later on they got longer. The first CBS and NBC in television was 1967. This really helped people it alert people about news that goes around the world and weather. Television is a popular technology that allows us to watch our favorite tv shows on screen.
It set as to receive and display broadcasts of moving images. Television went to sale in the late 1920s. Back when television came out it only had black and white images and show. People really felt a type of way about that because they wanted color images but back in the ways it really didn’t matter. People didn’t have remotes to control the television but late in the 1980s the first remote controls arrived. The word television was confined at the world fair in 1900. George carey was thinking about…

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