Television 's Impact On Family Essay

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A Television set, which is described in on one of the Ads, as an “enchanted mirror” is a very powerful medium that has been responsible for social change in the past and in today’s world. Past literature examine the effects of television on people, but my research focuses on Television and Family attitudes. This research question was chosen because I noticed individual Television viewing and group or family viewing in most of the Television Ads given. It brought me to wonder if there could be change in family attitudes due to home television viewing. Furthermore, my research question focuses on Television “viewing as a family” and “viewing individually”. My research question asks How did Television Viewing have an Effect on Family member’s attitudes in the 1940’s -1950’s? Two secondary sources will be used to analyze the stated research question. The author, Kortti, examines the social and economic influence Television had on family communications in the 1950’s through the 20th century. This article named, “Multidimensional Social History of Television” also goes further to discuss how Television viewing during this time had a huge effect on social role in both the family and in the outside world. The sample for the research was 246 respondents, including 65 men and 181 women, where 90 percent of the participants were born before 1955. This research was carried out in the United States where through the use of ethnography, surveys and historical diaries. The findings…

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