Essay on Tehran, Ir Iran

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Tehran, Iran: From Persia to Present Tehran wondrous, mysterious past gives the capital city a mystic fascination that makes anyone curious about it anxious to visit. From being part of the biblical Persian Empire to the unfortunate hostage siege of the United States Embassy in 1979, Tehran has a history that is as rich as any other capital on earth. The people of Tehran are friendly, polite, and are not representative of the governmental powers of Iran. Its architecture is unique for this city and has distinctive forms of how transportation works. Tehran is a city that swarms with people, culture, and beautiful scenery. Tehran is a beautiful city that representative to be the jewel of Iran. Tehran is the mountain-laden capital of Iran. It is not far from the majestic Caspian Sea and has approximately equal distance from its eastern border to its western border (“Tehran, history). Prehistoric artifacts date back to nomadic times at about 1,000 B.C. when the city was known as Rey (Stevens, “Tehran, history”). Approximately five hundred B.C., the Great King Darius and Xerxes established the Mighty Persian Empire, but Tehran was a just a small village at this time (Stevens, “Tehran, history”). Cuneiform was used to put the Persian language into writing to document their history (Stevens). The first Persian Empire was conquered by Alexander the Great from Greece; later, the second Persian Empire was conquered by Arabs, and then came invasions by the Turks & Mongols (Stevens).…

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