Essay about Teenage Wasteland By Anne Tyler

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“Teenage Wasteland,” written by Anne Tyler is a short story that annals the relationship a teenage boy has with his parents. This story itself takes place over approoximently an entire school year. There is first Donny, one of the main characters in this short story. He is a 15 year old rebellious teenage boy who will not listen to his parents, Daisy and Matt. Daisy tries more than ever to get her son back on the right track. Daisy truly tries to help her son. “ From early October through November, at Mr. Lanham’s suffestion, Daisy checked Donny’s assignments every day.” (Tyler 459). Unlike his wife, Matt is never around and focuses his needs mainly on work. Donny has a little sister, Amanda who does not receive as much attention as she should because of her brother. She would constantly attempt to say to her parents, “You’ll never guess what happened at…”(Tyler 461), but would be brushed off at the account of her brother. Cal, Donny’s tutor, allows Donny to do whatever it he wants to. His house becomes the hangout spot for teenagers who want to drop out of high school and stop listening to their parents. Along with these main characters, there are a few minor. These consist of Miriam, Donny’s girlfriend, Mr. Lanham, the principal at Donny’s school, and Mrs. Evans, Donny’s history teacher. Although these characters are minor, they still help shape Donny into who he is. Tyler uses three important symbols to create a theme of the awful relationships many teenagers have with…

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