Teenage Wasteland And The Kite Runner Essay examples

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The world is filled with things that draw humans away from society. Things that pull people into a depressing state or a feeling of worthlessness. These are emotions that cause alienation. Throughout “Teenage Wasteland” and The Kite Runner, there are characters who suffer from Alienation. The cause of Alienation is these stories are feelings of detachment from a mother or father and the feeling of being denied the truth.
Alienation is caused by being detached from a mother. Anne Tyler, a Pulitzer prize winning author, who commonly writes about alienation within families, just like she did in "Teenage Wasteland." This short story follows Daisy, the mother of a fifteen year old boy who struggles with behavior and keeping his grades up in school. In an attempt to help Donny, Daisy alienates him by being very controlling, “From early October through November, at Mr. Lanham’s suggestion, Daisy checked Donny’s assignments everyday. She sat next to him as he worked, trying to be encouraging, sagging inwardly as she saw the poor quality of everything he did” (Tyler 2). Daisy seemed to focus on Donny’s mistakes rather than counting the good things he did. This alienated him even further from his mother because he felt as though she did not trust him. Another reason for Donny’s alienation could be because of his mother’s low self esteem. Throughout the story, the reader learns that Daisy questions her parenting. She starts to blame herself for her son 's actions, “Had she really done…

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