Teddy Roosevelt: An American Hero Essay

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Trey Draper
Dr. Rager
History 136
Theodore Roosevelt: American Hero Although many people at the time disagreed with the actions of Teddy Roosevelt, he played a very important role in the Spanish-American war by not only preparing the navy, but on the front lines of combat as well. Theodore Roosevelt, the 26th president of the United States of America, had a huge impact on the Spanish-American war in many ways. The war also had a huge impact on Theodore Roosevelt’s political career in many ways, and some would say helped him become president. Theodore Roosevelt's actions as assistant secretary of the navy were vital to the quick success of the American Navy in the Spanish-America war; he basically single-handedly
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After only a week in Cuba President McKinley acknowledged this and promoted Leonard Wood to Brigadier General and promoting Theodore Roosevelt to Colonel. Theodore Roosevelt's biggest achievement with the rough riders was the victory at San Juan heights. The battle consisted of the rough riders taking Kettle hill and then joining the ninth infantry in the taking of San Juan hill. The battle occured on July 1, 1898 and started with an eight mile march for the rough riders to the base of kettle hill. The cavalry regiment was assigned to simply be a distraction while American forces fired upon the Spanish fort from afar. Brigadier general Henry Lawton's division were to be the first into battle, and the rough riders were to join in the attack mid-battle. The rough riders then made their way up the San Juan river to the base of kettle hill and took cover in tall grass at the base of the hill. The troops however got pinned down by Spanish troops. Theodore grew increasingly aggrivated with the lack of direct orders and the general Shafter's innactivity with sending men out for reconnaissance. Finally the eager Roosevelt recieved orders to assist the the troops in the assault on the hills front. Leading his troops on horseback, Roosevelt rallied his men and advanced to join the battle. Roosevelt felt as though taking the hill would be impossible due to the lack of ability to fire back, and in the absence of a commanding officer took control and led a charge

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