Essay Technology Takes Over The World Around Me

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Technology Takes Over
The world around me is quickly changing. It seems like everything I do involves using some form of technology. I am not able to imagine what the world would look like without it. There are so many changes and advancements that it has made possible, but there are also some disadvantages that come along with it.
Before having the tools that I do now I would hand write all my assignments with a pen and a piece of notebook paper, edit it on my own, and then let someone else proofread it. I could not go on my computer and use Microsoft word to type up my paper, make corrections, and email the assignment to my teacher, there was no such thing. Then there was dial-up the annoying, noisy, extremely slow internet service that everyone hated. I would have to take turns with my siblings to use the computer, and call my friends on the house phone, because the connection was not strong enough to handle multiple devices at once. I also remember having to use instant messenger to text my friends or using a razor phone with a limited amount of minutes. Since I did not have all the resources that I have now I was used to doing everything on my own. With all the ways that these advancements have changed the world, it is hard to look back and think about how I managed to live without it.
Likewise, these electronics have made it possible for me to do things that I would have never even imagined. It has given me an easy and convenient way to complete my day to day…

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