Technology, Paranoia, And Political Correctness Essay

1143 Words Mar 2nd, 2016 5 Pages
So many times I’ve wished that I could give my children the childhood that I was lucky enough to have. Technology, paranoia, and political correctness have completely changed what childhood is like for this generation compared to the generations that came before them. I believe it effects negatively the adults they will become. While we have made a safer environment for our kids to grow up in I do not think that it is a better one.

You can see the effects of anti-socialism even now in adults in there early 20’s. With online gaming, advanced communication technology, and social media the youth of today have managed to be more connected with actual less real connections. A teenager might have a large group of friends they play with but have zero actual human physical contact. I watch my son all day long talk to his friends and play video games with them online, but it’s rare he ever has a real friend over to the house to actually spend time with in person. Social media gives him access to see what all his friends are doing without actually having to speak or check on them. In ways there more connected then we ever were but in my opinion there less. Cell phones allow them to stay in the loop without actually being present. When I was an older teen we would all meet up at one friend’s house and hang out all day. If you didn’t you had no idea what happened and you felt like you missed out the next day when everybody was talking about it. The youth now can just…

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