Essay on Technology Is Not A Solution

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Correspondingly, a vast number of people may question these comparative solutions, as with every claim and resolution comes doubts and investigative concerns. Some may argue that geoengineering is always dangerous, but experts suggest that certain solutions of clean and gradual processes may ultimately pose little harm. The harmful geoengineering methods seem to consequently contribute to global warming. On the other hand, the positive aspects of geoengineering seek “to prevent CO2 from building up in the atmosphere,” and fundamentally hinder the effects of anthropogenic climate change (Alley, Mann). Moreover, any technological application toward this effort cannot simply fix the climate change, there is no such thing as a true quick fix. Many would be right to claim that “technology is not a solution,” it is in fact an issue of the “society” that constantly contributes to global warming and pollution (Meyer). Citizens grow concerned about scientific and technological fixes because masses of unintended and negative results “would appear to apply to many if not all schemes that have been proposed” (Alley, Mann). Though some schemes may be questionable, one of the only ways to move forward in the trek against global warming will be to work with less harming technologies and utilize efficient means of energy. Relying on technology to end and completely solve global warming is impractical, but the use of technology could aid humanity and lead civilizations into an era of…

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