Essay on Technology Is A Great Thing For Civilizations

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Technology is a great thing for civilizations. Breakthroughs in automation of mechanical construction put more than 60 million new cars on our roads every year and advancements in the aerospace industry, allow us to send a satellite from our blue marble to Pluto, a Planetoid 4.67 billion miles away from us at the edge of our solar system in 9 years. But it also has a negative impact on relationships as a whole. Advancements in telecommunications technology make it easy to connect to people through the means of Social Media, but this is superficial. Actually connecting with people on a deeper level has become obsolete; are your friends really friends, or people whose name you’ve read on an online web page?
Pop culture’s influence on our daily lives brings the decline of personal interactions and meaningful relationships in our civilization. It’s common knowledge that the average length of marriage in the United States is declining; according to the Center for Disease Control’s current data on duration marriages, over the course of a decade, marriage for a female has a 32% chance of failing, and 30% for males. Double that duration, and the chances of a successful marriage are nearly half. This doesn’t only apply to marriage, but to friendship as well.
In a society where everyone is connected through social media, how is that we tend to feel more lonely when we have the means to connect to so many people in a social aspect, yet not in a meaningful way? As William Deresiewicz…

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