Essay Technology And Its Impact On Society

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Technology is one of the most important aspects of today 's society, and although it was much less advance in the classical societies, it still did play a large role in those societies. With the introduction of technology into the classical societies, people took different stances on the advancements being made in their societies; there was the group of people that supported technology (Documents One, Two, Six, and Eight), the group of people that were unsupportive of the current technology (Documents Five and Seven), and the group of people who thought that not only was technology was beneficial, but also thought that it had been improving over time (Documents Three and Four). The group of people that supported Han or Roman technology either physically supported it by building it or fixing it, or simply brought up the usefulness and beauty of the works of technology that were produced during their time. A prime example of one who is supportive of technology is a Han government official who is concerned with the state of the water irrigation and flooding (Document One). This shows that he is supportive of technology in that he does not simply refuse to use to the technology, but supports it by sending people to make sure that it is working correctly. Another example of one who supported technology in classical cultures is Plutarch. Plutarch illustrated that Gaius Gracchus was very supportive of implementing roads within the Roman empire, and not just that, but making sure…

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