Technology And Its Effect On Society Essay

1254 Words Oct 29th, 2016 6 Pages
Maggie is extremely motivated when heading into finals week. She has planned to study a minimum of eight hours daily, the week prior to all of her exams. However, instead of joining a study group with her friends, Maggie decides to study alone and utilize her technological tools. As time ticks away, Maggie becomes distracted from her online tools by emails from her boss, Instagram notifications, and pictures of her best friend’s new dog on Facebook. Without even realizing it, Maggie wastes away hours of her time online. What was supposed be her most beneficial tool now becomes her biggest downfall. Maggie’s hypothetical situation illustrates a growing problem in modern society. Although today’s tools like the Internet and iPhones provide a plethora of information for its users, digital technology is too distracting and effects society’s ability to be self-efficient in work and personal relationships. It is common today for society to openly embrace and applaud the overload of digital advancements; knowledge is obtained anywhere, by anyone, at any time and place. This acceptance of technology overload is rarely, if ever, frowned upon and consequently, society fails to recognize the disruption of excess technology forced upon today’s modern world. In his essay, “Smartphone Addiction. The Personal Slot Machine in Your Pocket”, Tristan Harris compares an iPhone and a slot machine to illustrate society’s addiction and problematic involvement with today’s digital tools.…

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