Teammate Attractiveness And Perceived Performance Essay

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Teammate Attractiveness and Perceived Performance
From the moment a person is old enough to develop personal preferences, the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover” becomes commonplace. Even with this reminder, humans’ ability to overlook superficial, surface qualities may be limited by our own psychological inner workings. Research suggests that appearance is important in many, if not nearly all, aspects of life. It has been discovered that being psychically attractive influences people to judge the person in a positive light. Some researchers believe that external appearances act as an indicator about the quality of a person’s genes; unattractive people must have bad or unfavorable genes compared to an attractive person (Talamas, Mavor, & Perrett, 2016). Attractive people might have more and stronger friendships because they are thought to be smarter, more competent, and happier (Lo, 2008; Talamas, Mavor, & Perrett, 2016; Forsyth, 2014). To strive for equality, equity, and fairness amongst all people, the mysteries behind this predisposition must be further researched for better understanding.
The unconscious attribution of good traits to good-looking people could be causing plethora of social errors and discrepancies. For example, a more deserving candidate for a promotion may be passed up for a less qualified but more attractive person. How many unpleasant-looking criminals were given harsher sentences than a more handsome person accused of the same crime? Are the…

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