Teaching With Love And Logic Essay

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As educators, it is important to understand how to best reach each student’s behavioral issues and needs. Teaching with Love and Logic discusses the Love and Logic approach in solving student’s behavioral issues. This text offers various ideas and solution to conflicts teachers offer experience. Throughout reading this book, I learned some important principles to try to implement into my future classroom. Additionally, there were some topics discussed I do not think is necessarily appropriate for the situation. This book challenged my thinking and allowed me to gain a better understanding of classroom management techniques.

The purpose of Love and Logic enables teachers to form a better student-teacher relationship. The connection is strengthen between the teacher and the student when the student becomes empowered. Power is a key factor in connection adults with children. This management technique creates a higher standard of behavior for students. When a student is disobedience he will be held responsible for his own actions and choices through the Love and Logic approach to discipline. When a student is held responsible for his own disobedience, then he will become more empowered and motivated to change his behavior. When using the Love and Logic technique, the teacher becomes an experimenter. Each student in a class has different needs and Love and Logic will look different for each student. It is the role of the teacher to discover which Love and Logic approach works…

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