Teaching Programs For Girls And For Having Female Mentors Essay

1570 Words Dec 10th, 2016 7 Pages
The question actively addressed within this paper is should schools actively encourage and specifically design programs for girls to enter into Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) fields or naturally allow for students to sort themselves into their own career choices? Historically girls have not gone into the STEM field while attending college or entering into the career field, and many people believe that something needs to change within the educational system. Women are skilled in the STEM field but feel that they will be stigmatized by pursuing a career or further education in the field. “If STEM programs continue to favor White and Asian dominant discourse women, minorities, and the marginalized may forgo STEM in favor of finding an educational experience that supports their desire for justice through legal, social, and ethnic studies” (Martin, 2016, pg. 109,110). This paper supports the idea of starting STEM clubs for girls and for having female mentors that can be a positive influence in showing that women can be successful in STEM fields. Thomas (2014) said in his article, “Mentoring has been a common strategy for retaining women scientists because many express a need for it and suggest that it is unavailable or missing.” (pg. 154) While encouraging extra support for girls to lose the stigma of entering the STEM field, educational practices should not actively encourage boys to not enter the STEM field. Reform needs to happen in the…

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