Te Matawai Factory Of Spectrum Paints Ltd: Case Study

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As the management consultants of the Te Matawai Factory of Spectrum Paints Ltd we are submitting the report to the CEO, based on our case study analysis. The bond between a manager and employees plays a significant role in company’s productivity. Workers feel pressured if he or she is forced to work in an unfavorable working condition under a hard-hearted manager with no sympathy to his workers.
The report investigates the major challenges faced by the organization and discusses the possible solution. Primarily the report focuses on two crucial issues facing the company, analyzed using the HRM theories and models identifying main problems as absence of open communication and lack of motivation among workers. Further, the report looks into
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For example, working conditions, equal opportunity, job security, learning and development programs, all should be communicated. (Armstrong & Taylor, 2014, p438). According to the case study, manager Stuart adopted the ‘hard model of HRM’,in which employees are treated as resources of business.(Chaderopa, 2015). From Hertzberg 's Motivation-Hygiene theory, the employees are unhappy with the relationship among their employee 's supervisor i.e.; Stuart because of him the organization faces poor interpersonal relations with one 's peers and poor working conditions.2) Lack of motivation among …show more content…
Pat failed to convey the better results of the factory’s profitability to her workers and failed to reward them for their work. As a result, the workers and supervisors ended up in thinking the whole new method of communication as merely a waste of time. According, to Dougles McGregor, who Proposed Theory Y,
Strengths of Theory Y
1)Better performance and results. (Kermally, 2004) : According to McGregor (1960), workers if provided with proper organizational conditions to work, will direct themselves to achieve their own goals towards the organizational objectives. As per the case study, the productivity and profitability of the Te Matawai factory has increased during Pats

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