Target Corporation Term Paper

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Four Arenas of Competition

Target achieved its differentiation in the marketplace by positioning its products and store experience as higher quality than its main discount competitors Wal-Mart, with lower prices than department stores. Target’s main focus is QUALITY product and at a LOW PRICE. It all began with the idea of, “fashionable, smart design…delivered at a competitive discount prices.” Target strives to deliver to customers a unique shopping experience. Target grabs customer’s attention by their big red bulls eye and customers keep going to target. But at the same time Target need to make sure that their shelves are stocked, they gave good customer service,
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These segments are environmental scanning to better understand the threats and opportunities created by the variables and how strategic plans need to be adjusted, so Target can obtain and retain competitive advantage.

Demographic Segment
Minneapolis based company, which is the country’s second largest discount retail chain, ranking 33rd on the Fortune 500. Target has a total of 351,000 employees. It has 1395 Target stores and 218 SuperTarget stores, which include a full grocery offering and more fashionable, upscale products with an emphasis on soft goods and apparel. Target stores offer higher quality, fashionable, even designer products at low prices, especially in apparel and home lines that could not be found at most discounters (or even some department stores). Due to the high quality items Target stores are located in the suburbs areas where middle – high class families with a family of family income of $60,000 or more is targeted for. Target is also marketed for mother in their 40’s. Target also has their own brand clothes for example: Mizrahi and Mossimo apparel for men, women, and children. Target is a US based company and has no stores outside USA. Target stores are located in all 51 states except Vermont.

Sociocultural Segment
Target maintains a unique culture to ensure an effective structure that uses global talent well and matches needs and resources. Target wants to make sure that every ones talent is used at

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