Target Corporation Business Analysis

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Hiring and Training practices: The quality of human resources who are knowledgeable, creative and brings operational excellence is an essential ingredient for a successful strategy execution. Target Corporation needs to look for a key quality and specific skill set from a potential employee. The specifics are friendly, can-do, and a cheerful attitude that is a must for employees whose key responsibilities include delivering great customer service going above and beyond what Target calls as "Amazing services". The hiring practice does consider extra training to prep and infuse company culture for delivering superior services. Any time Target Corporation hires new employees, it gives about five weeks of internal training focusing on customer shopping experiences. The brand talks about …show more content…
Additional functions representing a major component of the value chain also directly reporting to the top executive. Each functional unit is supervised by a functional chain of command that focuses on their area of responsibility. This way Target CEO provides direction and ensures that the activities of the functional managers are coordinated and integrated across the whole firm.
The Target Corporation board, leadership team, and executives are grouped by functions as per shown in the Appendix-B. Target Corporation is a large organization, multidivisional structure or matrix organization structure that allows coordination across functions that fit right Target Corporation being in a retail industry the structure by product grouped to a functional level practices works the best. Each structure of the management at the geographic level has a strategy discussion, a line of communication, growth, and progress reporting according to the corporate reporting

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