Taking Sides By Larry Madaras Essay

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The nineteenth-century was a time period where the supply and demand for manufactured goods increased a great deal in the United States and more and more people invested in industrial pursuits. People were finding quicker and cheaper ways to build more products in a mass production. Entrepreneurs took advantage of these and learned to organize and fund a business which helped their economic situations skyrocket if they played their cards right. The people of this time who were not making as much money as quickly, felt as though the wealthy were getting paid in unfair means. Fairly soon the name “Robber Barons” came out to describe the stereotypical entrepreneur that went for larger companies and put them together to make one big company. But were these people actually “Rober Barons”? They had lots of money but were they breaking the law? In the book Taking Sides by Larry Madaras there are two people to argue this question. Howard Zinn believes that these big shot entrepreneurs were in deed “Robber Barons” because they exhilarated monopolies and used government officials to keep laws in agreement to it all. John S. Gordon argues this idea that it actually improved America and how the people lived. Machines quickly became the focus of all businesses. The changed the economy by producing bigger and better things faster than the average human. As Howard Zinn perfectly put it, “ Between the Civil War and 1900, steam and electricity replaced human muscle, iron replaced…

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