Taiwan And Its Effects On The Philippines Essays

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Taiwan is a small island located in Southeast Asia, right next to Japan and the Philippines. As of 2015, the population of this country is about 23.4 million, across an area of 13, 972 square miles. Taiwan is predominately Chinese making up most of their population. Thus, their official language is a Chinese dialect called Mandarin, also known as Guoyu.

About two-thirds of Taiwan is covered by mountains, including the tallest mountain in northeast Asia known as Jade Mountain (Jilkova). The other one-third of Taiwan is where most of the population lives since the land is mainly flat. In Taipei, (the capital of Taiwan), many people can see the mountains and peaks of Yangmingshan National Park (Crook, et al). Depending on the time of travel, Taiwan experiences a subtropical climate throughout the year. The temperature ranges from hot and humid during the summer, to cooler and drier weather during the fall and winter (Kennedy).

The primary imports are machinery, electronics, crude petroleum, minerals and precision instruments. The main exports include machinery, metals, plastic and rubber products, machinery and chemicals.

“As requested, I have limited this report to the social and cultural customs common in business settings in Taiwan. Below I will discuss the following: Greetings, Culture, Body Language, Attire, Gifts, Dining


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