Systems Analysis Town of Eden Bay Part 1 Essay

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Tasks - The parts of the tasks below that are in addition to tasks as shown the text are in italics.
1. Upon investigation, you learn that the town does not have a strategic plan or a mission statement. In your view, does this affect the current situation? Why or why not? Based on the facts provided, draft a brief mission statement for Dawn to review. In your statement, consider all the stakeholders who might be affected.
2. Based on the fact statements provided, summarize the maintenance department's most important strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. Develop a SWOT Analysis organized in a table (or another easy to follow format as shown
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Possible Threats:
Less costly private/outside competitor
Loss of dedicated workers
Lack of focus by workers resulting in errors


1. Analyze the issue, in order to best understand the problems and the opportunities. The statements already provided by the various employees are an excellent start to understanding the issue at hand.
2. Outline the scope of the project stemming from the issue, as well as any constraints present. This step will outline a (hopefully) clear goal as to what is most needed by the employees.
3. Perform fact-finding activities - analyze available documentation (org charts, SOPs, manuals, etc.), observe real-time operations and activities, conduct interviews/surveys. The statements from the employees again is a great start. Further research into day-to-day activities, the programs/documents/files maintained by current employees or developed by former employees, as well as more interviews will be key.
4. Study the data gleaned from the above. Likely the bulk of the investigation process. This will be

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