Essay about Syphilis : Symptoms And Treatment Of Syphilis

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Syphilis is a sexual transmitted disease (STD) cause by unsafe sexual contact it triggers the body which can cause rashes and inflammation of the skin. Syphilis first occurred in the year of 1495 during the Italian war of the French invasion syphilis was first called a “French sickness” because of the French troops carry the disease throughout Italy. Until the year of 1530, the supposed French disease was called syphilis because of its wide sickness affecting tons of people. At year of 1905 two scientist Fritz Schaudinn and Erich Hoffmann discovered a bacteria called treponerma pallidum that was causing syphilis. Finally, at the year of 1910, Paul Ehrilic used antibiotic of a penicillin in which he called it a called Salvarsan. Salvarsan at first was used to treat other illness but it did not work because it killed some different micro bacteria that was in syphilis in which later Paul Ehrilich discovered that this medicine Salvarsan was used to diagnosed syphilis. Salvarsan became a popular and big growth medicine that spread quickly throughout the European countries and Italy countries. Syphilis can be spread by many ways by sexual intercourse, oral sex, and sometimes kissing with a person who has syphilis. The symptoms of syphilis are irritations of the skin and if a person is not treated, the symptoms of syphilis can get worse in which it can affect the body insides. Syphilis has four different stages in which they are primary syphilis, secondary syphilis, latent…

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