Character Analysis Of Bob Ewell In To Kill A Mockingbird

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To Kill a Mockingbird synopsis
(Protagonist) Scout Finch lives with Jem (Brother) Atticus(Father) and later on aunt Alexandra in a fictional town of Maycomb Alabama in the great depression. The story does take place over the course of three years and during that time Scout befriends a boy named Dill Harris (who we will only see during the summer), Dill becomes Scouts love interest, the mythical Boo Radley places presents in a tree hole for both Scout and Jem and the trio have tried numerous times to see Boo Radley but have failed. Scout is in the the first grade and loathes it as the teacher is hard on her but her father helps her see the human aspect of everyone by Quote“You never really understand a person until you consider things from his
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Bob Ewells role during the novel was to open up a case where Atticus had to defend an innocent african american against his words. Bob Ewell is a racist, aggressive and a liar and has been described as dirty, left handed and white.

Racist: he was been caught several times saying the n word not only in public but towards african Americans and does not regret saying. He beated his daughter for having an interaction with a black man and goes to court for accusing Tom for raping his daughter as he does not want people to find out about Tom and Mayella.

Aggressive: Bob has harassed Helen Robinson physically by throwing rocks at her and has tried to kill Atticus children in cold blood to get revenge for proving he was a liar and for humiliating him in front of the town. He has also threatened Judge Taylor and has tried to enter his household to either hurt him of damage his home and property.

Liar: Bob has lied about his daughter 's rape allegations by throwing lies about what he was doing, after the rape and his physical and emotional abuse towards
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The reading ability is also affecting the age group as the narrator (Scout) uses long,complicated,foul and racial words that are spread thoroughly towards the book. In the end readers will discover lessons that may affect their views towards the world and other people as the novel brings in lessons to not only the the children that are experiencing this for the first time but also towards our generation to discover the awful things African Americans experience and how we should treat each others

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