Synopsis Of ' The Night ' Essay

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Fíli turned his back on Dale and returned to Erebor that very night.
Kíli was to tell Thorin, and anyone who enquired, that his brother’s old injury was troubling him. Since they were to be leaving Dale the very next morning Fíli’s absence would surely go unnoticed… at least, by most.
Kíli watched dismally from atop the rebuilt stone battlements as the lone ram and its traveller slowly trekked their way along the moonlit path between Dale and the Erebor.
"What are you thinking?" Tauriel asked softly as she stepped up beside him, as swift and silent as the night breeze.
Kíli swallowed. "He told me Thorin will abdicate in five years, and that when he is King..." He looked up at Tauriel. "He will give his blessing for us to marry."
Tauriel 's eyes widened and she looked to the lone figure on the Mountain path. "He would risk that; your brother would risk a revolt against his Kingship, for us?" She breathed.
"Yes. But he won 't do the same for himself!" Kíli cursed, slamming his fist against the cold stone and wincing as pain shot through his hand. But he did not care. “It shouldn’t have to be like this.”
But alas, he knew it had to be so. Should Fili declare himself and ask Sigrid to be his wife and Queen, it would be considered tantamount to the dissolution of the Line of Durin. For as much as the Dwarf families were loyal to their kin, they were also fiercely proud of their lineage.
"Those who might revolt; these are the same kin who would not stand behind your…

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