Synopsis Of The Book ' Season Of Migration ' By Tayeb Salih Essay

770 Words Nov 17th, 2016 4 Pages
Season of Migration to the North is a novel written by the novelist Tayeb Salih. The unnamed narrator tells a story about a man named Mustafa Sa’eed. There are some reasonable and confused issues and reasons that why the narrator is so interested about Mustafa. Especially, the relationship between narrator and Mustafa Sa’eed what is worth to explore deeper. “In the Season of Migration to the North, the unnamed narrator and Mustafa Sa’eed are possibly the same person, if not physically, then psychologically.” For this statement, I strongly agree with it. First, in the novel, there are two aspects that hints to point this argument; not only in physical pattern, but also in psychological conscious, behavior and thoughts, that narrator and Mustafa could be the same person. What’s more, it is a possible that they are the same person based on a kind of psychological disorder, multiple personality disorder. Thus, I will prove my argument through these three directions. “Medium high, 50 or so, thick hair going gray, beardless, moustache”, this looks like a so common “grandpa” look, but in the Season of Migration to the North, it becomes a clue to figure out the unnamed main character who is more like an imaginary person that no name, no description and bore in an unnamed village. It seems strange in a literature, however, it also can a foundation to dig more through words. In the chapter 9, when character walks into Mustafa’s “secret room”, he “sees” Mustafa Sa’eed standing…

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