My Sun Sultan's Story Of The Storyteller

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My sun sultan is 5 year old in kindergarten, he is a very energetic, outgoing boy, he love playing, discovering new thing, and asking a lot of question. Before my children sleep we always have a bedtime story, sometime I told them the story, and another day one of my children was the storyteller. On his turn to be the storyteller. He was so exciting, but he stopped when I started writing his story. He asked me ?what are you writing?? ?why are you writing my story?? , and a lot of questions, so I explained that to him. Then he changed his story and said ? I am going to tell you a different story making you think a lot?.

The story he told me (a dad he is so busy, so bored, but not so bored to play outside in the back yard with his son. they
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Regarding Erikson stages children (3-5) years old are more willing to participate and engage in every task, for example sultan was so exciting to tell me his story and help me as part in my homework. In addition, he changed his story for more challenging one as he decided, when I took his story seriously. The message that their initiative is the important work not the mistake they made is a very important in this age. For example, sultan doesn?t need to correct or explain that put elephant in backyard inappropriate place that may disappoint him and led him to stop thinking and imagination or even tell story Regarding Erikson theory that the development of social and emotional of child. Sultan was so empathy when he express the father felling bored ,and how is he so busy .Also, from our previous reading about (The case Of Miss D) show the important of the emotional attachment between the son and his dad in playtime. Children need Sharing their parent interesting moment . Sometime the give us message about what they need in their story

In term of
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First of all, coping with feeling. Read stories to children help them understand and accept their feeling, and understand the other feeling. Children will express their feeling confidently. Also, watching their responded to the feeling in the story feeling like sad and scared will give us some idea about how the child think. Stories give children level of confidence. Child is able to participate in activities and fell confidence. Stories give children language and learning. For example, children learn about number, ship, size, and color. Also, learn about every day task such as how to brush their teeth, taking care of animals, and cleaning and preparing food. Also, children learn complex ideas from stories like the importance of sharing. Relaxation is a very important thing. Stories help children to relax specially before bedtime. They forget the stresses and strained the day and indulge in fantasy for a while. Also, the sense of security and time to set and share with them. Finally, story helps in development of imagination, children introduction new idea in the world, idea about fantasy social world. They can imagine any thing they

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